tatra brahmarsayah sarve
devarsayas ca sattama
rajarsayas ca tatrasan
drastum bharata-pungavam
tatrathere; brahma-rsayahrsis among the brahmanas; sarveall; deva-rsayahrsis among the demigods; caand; sattamasituated in the quality of goodness; raja-rsayahrsis among the kings; caand; tatrain that place; asanwere present; drastumjust to see; bharatathe descendants of King Bharata; pungavamthe chief of.

At the end of the battle of Kuruksettra, Bhisma lay fatally wounded, on a bed of arrows. Just to pay their respects to him all the great sages in the universe assembled before him. The Pandava King Yudhisthira, along with his younger brothers and Lord Krsna, also came before him.

Just to see the chief of the descendants of King Bharata [Bhisma], all the great souls in the universe, namely the rsis amongst the demigods, brahmanas and kings, all situated in the quality of goodness, were assembled there.
The rsis are those who have attained perfection by spiritual achievements. Such spiritual achievements can be earned by all, whether one is a king or a mendicant. Bhismadeva himself was also one of the brahmarsis and the chief of the descendants of King Bharata. All rsis are situated in the quality of goodness. All of them assembled there on hearing the news of the great warrior's impending death.

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