vyasa uvaca
bhiksubhir vipravasite
vijnanadestrbhis tava
vartamano vayasy adye
tatah kim akarod bhavan
vyasah uvacaSri Vyasadeva said; bhiksubhihby the great mendicants; vipravasitehaving departed for other places; vijnanascientific knowledge in transcendence; adestrbhihthose who had instructed; tavaof your; vartamanahpresent; vayasiof the duration of life; adyebefore the beginning of; tatahafter that; kimwhat; akarotdid; bhavanyour good self.
Sri Vyasadeva said: What did you [Narada] do after the departure of the great sages who had instructed you in scientific transcendental knowledge before the beginning of your present birth?
Vyasadeva himself was the disciple of Naradaji, and therefore it was natural to be anxious to hear what Narada did after initiation from the spiritual masters. He wanted to follow in Narada's footsteps in order to attain to the same perfect stage of life. This desire to inquire from the spiritual master is an essential factor to the progressive path. This process is technically known as sad-dharma-prccha.

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