suta uvaca
evam nisamya bhagavan
devarser janma karma ca
bhuyah papraccha tam brahman
vyasah satyavati-sutah
sutah uvacaSuta said; evamthus; nisamyahearing; bhagavanthe powerful incarnation of God; devarsehof the great sage among the gods; janmabirth; karmawork; caand; bhuyahagain; papracchaasked; tamhim; brahmanO brahmanas; vyasahVyasadeva; satyavati-sutahthe son of Satyavati.
Suta said: O brahmanas, thus hearing all about Sri Narada's birth and activities, Vyasadeva, the incarnation of God and son of Satyavati, inquired as follows.
Vyasadeva was further inquisitive to know about the perfection of Naradaji, and therefore he wanted to know about him more and more. In this chapter Naradaji will describe how he was able to have a brief audience with the Lord while he was absorbed in the transcendental thought of separation from the Lord and when it was very painful for him.

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