tathapi bata me daihyo
hy atma caivatmana vibhuh
asampanna ivabhati
brahma-varcasya sattamah
tathapialthough; batadefect; memine; daihyahsituated in the body; hicertainly; atmaliving being; caand; evaeven; atmanamyself; vibhuhsufficient; asampannahwanting in; iva abhatiit appears to be; brahma-varcasyaof the Vedantists; sattamahthe supreme.
I am feeling incomplete, though I myself am fully equipped with everything required by the Vedas.
Undoubtedly Srila Vyasadeva was complete in all the details of Vedic achievements. Purification of the living being submerged in matter is made possible by the prescribed activities in the Vedas, but the ultimate achievement is different. Unless it is attained, the living being, even though fully equipped, cannot be situated in the transcendentally normal stage. Srila Vyasadeva appeared to have lost the clue and therefore felt dissatisfaction.

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