kim va bhagavata dharma
na prayena nirupitah
priyah paramahamsanam
ta eva hy acyuta-priyah
kim va—or; bhagavatah dharmah—devotional activities of the living beings; na—not; prayena—almost; nirupitah—directed; priyah—dear; paramahamsanam—of the perfect beings; te eva—that also; hi—certainly; acyuta—the infallible; priyah—attractive.
This may be because I did not specifically point out the devotional service of the Lord, which is dear both to perfect beings and to the infallible Lord.
The dissatisfaction which was being felt by Srila Vyasadeva is expressed herein in his own words. This was felt for the normal condition of the living being in the devotional service of the Lord. Unless one is fixed in the normal condition of service, neither the Lord nor the living being can become fully satisfied. This defect was felt by him when Narada Muni, his spiritual master, reached him. It is described as follows.

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