natiprasidad dhrdayah
sarasvatyas tate sucau
vitarkayan vivikta-stha
idam covaca dharma-vit
na—not; atiprasidat—very much satisfied; hrdayah—at heart; sarasvatyah—of the River Sarasvati; tate—on the bank of; sucau—being purified; vitarkayan—having considered; vivikta-sthah—situated in a lonely place; idam ca—also this; uvaca—said; dharma-vit—one who knows what religion is.
Thus the sage, being dissatisfied at heart, at once began to reflect, because he knew the essence of religion, and he said within himself:
The sage began to search out the cause of not being satisfied at heart. Perfection is never attained until one is satisfied at heart. This satisfaction of heart has to be searched out beyond matter.

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