evam pravrttasya sada
bhutanam sreyasi dvijah
sarvatmakenapi yada
natusyad dhrdayam tatah
evam—thus; pravrttasya—one who is engaged in; sada—always; bhutanam—of the living beings; sreyasi—in the ultimate good; dvijah—O twice-born; sarvatmakena api—by all means; yada—when; na—not; atusyat—become satisfied; hrdayam—mind; tatah—at that.
O twice-born brahmanas, still his mind was not satisfied, although he engaged himself in working for the total welfare of all people.
Sri Vyasadeva was not satisfied with himself, although he had prepared literatures of Vedic value for the all-around welfare of the general mass of people. It was expected that he would be satisfied by all such activities, but ultimately he was not satisfied.

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