tato 'bhyetyāśramaṁ bālo
gale sarpa-kalevaram
pitaraṁ vīkṣya duḥkhārto
mukta-kaṇṭho ruroda ha
tataḥ—thereafter; abhyetya—after entering into; āśramam—the hermitage; bālaḥ—boy; gale sarpa—the snake on the shoulder; kalevaram—body; pitaram—unto the father; vīkṣya—having seen; duḥkha-ārtaḥ—in a sorry plight; mukta-kaṇṭhaḥ—loudly; ruroda—cried; ha—in the past.
Thereafter, when the boy returned to the hermitage, he saw a snake on his father's shoulder, and out of his grief he cried very loudly.
The boy was not happy because he committed a great mistake, and he wanted to be relieved of the burden on his heart by crying. So after entering the hermitage and seeing his father in that condition, he cried loudly so that he might be relieved. But it was too late. The father regretted the whole incident.

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