kalir uvaca
yatra kva vatha vatsyami
sarva-bhauma tavajnaya
laksaye tatra tatrapi
tvam attesu-sarasanam
kalih uvaca—the personality of Kali said; yatra—anywhere; kva—and everywhere; va—either; atha—thereof; vatsyami—I shall reside; sarva-bhauma—O lord (or emperor) of the earth; tava—your; ajnaya—by the order; laksaye—I see; tatra tatra—anywhere and everywhere; api—also; tvam—Your Majesty; atta—taken over; isu—arrows; sarasanam—bows.
O Your Majesty, though I may live anywhere and everywhere under your order, I shall but see you with bow and arrows wherever I look.
The personality of Kali could see that Maharaja Pariksit was the emperor of all lands all over the world, and thus anywhere he might live he would have to meet with the same mood of the King. The personality of Kali was meant for mischief, and Maharaja Pariksit was meant for subduing all kinds of mischief-mongers, especially the personality of Kali. It was better, therefore, for the personality of Kali to have been killed by the King then and there instead of being killed elsewhere. He was, after all, a surrendered soul before the King, and it was for the King to do what was required.

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