suta uvaca
pariksitaivam adistah
sa kalir jata-vepathuh
tam udyatasim ahedam
danda-panim ivodyatam
sutah uvaca—Sri Suta Gosvami said; pariksita—by Maharaja Pariksit; evam—thus; adistah—being ordered; sah—he; kalih—the personality of Kali; jata—there was; vepathuh—trembling; tam—him; udyata—raised; asim—sword; aha—said; idam—thus; danda-panim—Yamaraja, the personality of death; iva—like; udyatam—almost ready.
Sri Suta Gosvami said: The personality of Kali, thus being ordered by Maharaja Pariksit, began to tremble in fear. Seeing the King before him like Yamaraja, ready to Kill him, Kali spoke to the King as follows.
The King was ready to kill the personality of Kali at once, as soon as he disobeyed his order. Otherwise the King had no objection to allowing him to prolong his life. The personality of Kali also, after attempting to get rid of the punishment in various ways, decided that he must surrender unto him, and thus he began to tremble in fear of his life. The king, or the executive head, must be so strong as to stand before the personality of Kali like the personality of death, Yamaraja. The King's order must be obeyed, otherwise the culprit's life is in risk. That is the way to rule the personalities of Kali who create disturbance in the normal life of the state citizens.

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