tatraiva me viharato bhuja-danda-yugmam
gandiva-laksanam arati-vadhaya devah
sendrah srita yad-anubhavitam ajamidha
tenaham adya musitah purusena bhumna
tatra—in that heavenly planet; eva—certainly; me—myself; viharatah—while staying as a guest; bhuja-danda-yugmam—both of my arms; gandiva—the bow named Gandiva; laksanam—mark; arati—a demon named Nivatakavaca; vadhaya—for killing; devah—all the demigods; sa—along with; indrah—the heavenly King, Indra; sritah—taken shelter of; yat—by whose; anubhavitam—made it possible to be powerful; ajamidha—O descendant of King Ajamidha; tena—by Him; aham—myself; adya—at the present moment; musitah—bereft of; purusena—the personality; bhumna—supreme.
When I stayed for some days as a guest in the heavenly planets, all the heavenly demigods, including King Indradeva, took shelter of my arms, which were marked with the Gandiva bow, to kill the demon named Nivatakavaca. O King, descendant of Ajamidha, at the present moment I am bereft of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, by whose influence I was so powerful.
The heavenly demigods are certainly more intelligent, powerful and beautiful, and yet they had to take help from Arjuna because of his Gandiva bow, which was empowered by the grace of Lord Sri Krsna. The Lord is all-powerful, and by His grace His pure devotee can be as powerful as He may desire, and there is no limit to it. And when the Lord withdraws His power from anyone, he is powerless by the will of the Lord.

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