Madhumangala was an intimate friend of Krsna coming from the brahmana community. Krsna's friends were mostly cowherd boys belonging to the vaisya community, but there were others who belonged to the brahmana community. Actually, in Vrndavana the vaisya community and the brahmana community are considered prominent. This Madhumangala one day addressed Krsna in this fashion: "My dear friend, I can see that You are not aware of the peacock feathers that are falling on the ground, and at the same time You are unmindful of the flower garlands which are offered to You. I think I can guess the reason for Your absent-mindedness when I see Your two eyes flying over to the eyes of Srimati Radharani, just like black drones flying to lotus flowers." This is an instance of an argumentative suggestion in ecstatic love.
Once while Krsna was out walking, one of the associates of Radharani told Her: "My dear friend, do You think that this walking personality is a tamala tree? If He is a tamala tree, then how is it possible for Him to walk and be so beautiful? Then, this personality might be a cloud. But if He's a cloud, then where is the beautiful moon within? Under the circumstances, I think it may be granted that this person is the same enchanting Personality of Godhead by whose flute vibration the three worlds are captivated. He must be the same Mukunda who is standing before Govardhan Hill." This is another instance of an argumentative presentation of ecstatic love.

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