In the Tenth Canto, 29th Chapter, 26th verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam, when Krsna asked all the gopis to go back to their homes, they did not like it. Because of their grief at this, they were sighing heavily, and their beautiful faces appeared to be drying up. In this condition they remained, without making a sound. They began to draw lines on the ground with their toes, and with their tears they washed the black ointment from their eyes onto their breasts, which were covered with red kunkuma powder. This is an instance of anxiety in ecstatic love.
One of the friends of Krsna once informed Him, "My dear killer of the demon Mura, Your kind and gentle mother is very anxious because You have not returned home, and with great difficulty she has passed the evening constantly sitting on the corridor platform of Your home. It is certainly astonishing how You could forget Your mother while You are off somewhere engaged in Your playful activities!" This is another instance of deep anxiety in ecstatic love.
When Mother Yasoda was very anxiously waiting for Krsna to return from Mathura, Maharaj Nanda gave her this solace: "My dear Yasoda, please don't be worried. Please dry your beautiful lotus-like face. There is no need for you to breathe so hotly. I will go immediately with Akrura to the palace of Kamsa and get your son back for you." Here is an instance of anxiety in ecstatic love caused by Krsna's awkward position.

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