In the Vaisakha-mahatmya section of the Padma Purana a devotee states that though in some of the eighteen Puranas the process of glorifying Lord Visnu is not mentioned, and the glorifying of some demigod is offered, such glorification must be continued for millions of years. For when one studies the Puranas very scrutinizingly, he can see that, ultimately, Lord Visnu is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is an instance of ecstatic love developed out of thoughtfulness.
In the Tenth Canto, 68th Chapter, 30th verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam, there is an account of Rukminidevi's writing a letter to Krsna requesting Him to kidnap her before her marriage to another person. At that time the specific attachment of Rukmini for Krsna was expressed by Rukmini as follows: "My dear Lord Krsna, Your transcendental glories are chanted by great sages who are free from material contamination, and in exchange for such glorification You are so kind that You freely distribute Yourself to such devotees. As one can elevate oneself simply by Your grace, so also by Your direction alone one may be lost to all benedictions under the influence of eternal time. Therefore I have selected Your Lordship as my husband, brushing aside personalities like Brahma and Indra-not to mention others." Rukmini enhanced her love for Krsna simply by thinking of Him. This is an instance of thoughtfulness in ecstatic love.

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