There are many symptoms of ecstatic love caused by remembering Krsna. For example, one friend of Krsna informed Him, "My dear Mukunda, just after observing a bluish cloud in the sky, the lotus-eyed Radharani immediately began to remember You. And simply by observing this cloud She became lusty for Your association." This is an instance of remembering Krsna in ecstatic love because of seeing something resembling Him. Krsna's bodily complexion is very similar to the bluish hue of a cloud, so simply by observing a bluish cloud, Srimati Radharani remembered Him.
One devotee said that even when he was not very attentive he would sometimes, seemingly out of madness, remember the lotus feet of Krsna within his heart. This is an instance of remembrance resulting from constant practice. In other words, devotees who are constantly thinking of the lotus feet of Krsna, even if they are momentarily inattentive, will see the figure of Lord Krsna appearing within their hearts.

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