A man is called intelligent if he has a sharp memory and fine discretion. As far as Krsna's memory is concerned, it is said that when He was studying in the school of Sandipani Muni in Avantipura, He showed such a sharp memory that by once taking instructions from the teacher He immediately became perfect in any subject. Actually, His going to the school of Sandipani Muni was to show the people of the world that however great or ingenious one may be, he must go to higher authorities for general education. However great one may be, he must accept a teacher or spiritual master.
Krsna's fine discretion was exhibited when He was fighting with the untouchable king who attacked the city of Mathura. According to Vedic rites, those who are untouchable are not to be touched by the ksatriya kings, not even for killing. Therefore, when the untouchable king seized the city of Mathura, Krsna did not think it wise to kill him directly with His own hand. Still the king had to be killed, and therefore Krsna decided with fine discretion that He should flee from the battlefield so that the untouchable king would chase Him. He could then lead the king to the mountain where Mucukunda was lying asleep. Mucukunda had received a benediction from Lord Siva to the effect that when he awoke from his sleep, whomever he might see would at once be burnt to ashes. Therefore Krsna thought it wise to lead the untouchable king to that cave so that the king's presence would awaken Mucukunda, and he would at once be burnt to ashes.

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