A person is called a genius when he can refute any kind of opposing element with newer and newer arguments. In this connection there is a statement in Padyavali which contains the following conversation between Krsna and Radha: One morning, when Krsna came to Radha, Radha asked Him, "My dear Kesava, where is Your vasa at present?" The Sanskrit word vasa has three meanings: one meaning is residence, one meaning is fragrance, and another meaning is dress.
Actually Radharani inquired from Krsna, "Where is Your dress?" But Krsna took the meaning as residence, and He replied to Radharani, "My dear captivated one, at the present moment My residence is in Your beautiful eyes."
To this Radharani replied, "My dear cunning boy, I did not ask You about Your residence. I inquired about Your dress."
Krsna then took the meaning of vasa as fragrance and said, "My dear fortunate one, I have just assumed this fragrance in order to be associated with Your body."
Srimati Radharani again inquired from Krsna, "Where did You pass Your night?" The exact Sanskrit word used in this connection was yaminyamusitah. Yaminyam means at night, and usitah means pass. Krsna, however, divided the word yaminyamusitah into two separate words, namely yaminya and musitah. By dividing this word into two, it came out to mean that He was kidnapped by Yamini, or night. Krsna therefore replied to Radharani, "My dear Radharani, is it possible that night can kidnap Me?" In this way He was answering all of the questions of Radharani so cunningly that He gladdened this dearest of the gopis.

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