Morning Walk

June 6, 1976, New Vrindaban
Prabhupada: They say about the Westerners, you do not know? They say pascime loka mula nacah.(?) The Western people, they are rascals and misbehaved.
Kirtanananda: Misbehaved, that's a fact.
Prabhupada: Pascime loka mula nacah.(?) This means from India, the farther you go to the western side you'll find only rascals and misbehaved. From Punjab you go to Afghanistan and then Iran then so on, so on, Europe. These are pascima, Western people. Pascime loka mula nacah. Actually he meant it for Indian pascima, east and west. You came before here, New Vrindaban?
Rsi Kumara: Yes, I was here, but a long time ago, when they just had the little farm, about six years ago.
Prabhupada: What did he say?
Pusta Krsna: He's back in Europe. This letter's from Germany. He mentions that he's getting some more buses and about fifteen more men to come along with some preaching equipment. They plan on leaving early August and are reaching there late August sometime. And so far he mentions that he still has no definite idea how to keep the buses in India, so the other buses will be coming out and two more buses will be coming in. This is his plan. Then he mentions that he had some correspondence with Lokanatha Swami, who's heading up the traveling party while he's in Europe, and Lokanatha Swami mentions they've been doing sankirtana in Darmashala on the way up to Sri Nagar, Kashmir. And he says they are doing well everywhere they go.
Prabhupada: India, everywhere they'll be received very nice.
Pusta Krsna: Prasadam distribution has now been started as a regular part of the program. And they did one program in a town called Dalialama. Immediately two monks and one British hippie joined the party.
Prabhupada: Two monks means Buddhist monks?
Pusta Krsna: Possibly. And he mentions in the last two weeks after we left Vrndavana we picked eight devotees, so they must have more devotees by now. The emphasis on their program he mentions is to make devotees and responsible preachers to carry on the Indian mission. And then he says that we've been advertising.
Prabhupada: Advertising?
Pusta Krsna: Like this. He says "I want to make one banner and poster: 'Now you can join the Hare Krsna movement. Travel all over the world preaching Bhagavad-gita. All expenses paid. Free food, lodging, etc. No qualification necessary. Apply ISKCON.' " It's like army recruiting.
Prabhupada: (laughs) No qualification.
Pusta Krsna: And he mentions the situation in Germany, at least the devotees are becoming a little stronger now. Sankirtana is going on nicely.
Prabhupada: That's all that we want. Sankirtana must go on.
Kirtanananda: Devotees here now Srila Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: Where from?
Kirtanananda: Baltimore, St. Louis, about seven vans from the Radha-Damodara party, Buffalo, Cleveland.
Prabhupada: Occupied by devotees?
Kirtanananda: Yes. [break]
Prabhupada: ...is doing nice.
Kirtanananda: Yes.
Prabhupada: He's a very good boy.
Pusta Krsna: He's very eager to train up the new men, he mentioned in his last letter.
Prabhupada: He is devotee. Nasty government. If somebody wants to give donation, a car, not allowed.
Kirtanananda: Where is this?
Prabhupada: In India, if you want to give one car donation, they'll not allow. They'll charge 230 paisa(?). (indistinct) Very nasty government.
Kirtanananda: Everywhere you go.
Prabhupada: Huh?
Kirtanananda: Everywhere now is nasty government.
Prabhupada: Yes. Dasyu-dharma, rogues and thieves, they'll... Government means people in general, they are losing their independence. Personal independence, nil. Russia, cent percent, no personal independence. Simply like animals who live. (end)

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