Room Conversation

August 15, 1971, London
Prabhupada: Simply we shall sell retail in our sankirtana. Let them sell to the bookstore. We shall not sell a single copy to the bookstore, or wholesaler. We shall simply sell in our sankirtana party. In this way arrange...[break]
Syamasundara: ...weekend festivals from town to town?
Prabhupada: Town to town. What do you think this idea Huh? Continue engagement. And as many men may join us, we can accommodate them. Every country. Yajnaih sankirtana prayair yajanti hi sumedhasah [SB 11.5.32]. I got this idea, one king, (indistinct), the grandson of Prthuraya, this Maharaja Prithu, he performed so many yajnas that on the surface of the earth, there were only kusa grass scattered. Yajna, they require kusa grass. Kusa grass. So all over the world it was simply scattered, after yajnas, I have given my comment in this. Similarly, we shall perform this sankirtana yajna all over the world, town to town, town to town. Now we have got GBC all over the world. Let them organize. What they'll do? Organize yajna after yajna, yajna after yajna. So that as at the present moment even if we go somewhere, are known to: "Hare Krsna!" They say. The whole world will say, "Hare Krsna." Either jokingly or serious, it doesn't matter. Let them joke, criticize them, "Hare Krsna," still they will have the effect. Still they will have it. In the Nrsimha Purana there is an instance that a Mussulman was attacked by, what is called? Boar having...
Parivrajakacarya: Tiger? Boar. A wild boar.
Prabhupada: A wild boar. So when the boar attacked him the Musselmans, when they do not like they say, "Haram. Haram." Condemn means haram. So when the boar attacked him he said haram. "Haram!" But it acted, ha rama, and he got salvation. Do you follow what I say? A Mussulman said, 'ha ram. Ha ram He condemned. It is abominable. That is the meaning of Urdu, haram. But at the time of death, when the boar attacked him, he said, "Haram." So it acted ha rama. Ha, he rama. It acted, chanting the name of Rama, Hare Rama. He meant something else, but it acted as beneficial as chanting He rama. So therefore this Hare Krsna mantra, either you chant seriously, or those who are criticizing us, jokingly, the effect will be same. So anyway let them chant Hare Krsna. Do you follow? Even they do not take it seriously, if they imitate, joke, still they'll be benefited .
Parivrajakacarya: Should these be straight sankirtana, no... Should these be...
Prabhupada: Well, they... As we install our Deity and chanting, dancing, offering arati. This interests.
Parivrajakacarya: Not electric guitars and all that.
Prabhupada: No, no.
Parivrajakacarya: Good. Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: Electric guitar, if it is, they chant Hare Krsna only, nothing else, then it is all right. But as far as possible, simply mrdanga and kartal. But if GBC thinks that it attracts more people so they give contribution, that is a different thing. Otherwise there is no need.
Parivrajakacarya: I think nothing can attract like mrdangas and karatalas.
Prabhupada: That is practical, we have seen.
Parivrajakacarya: When we put guitars, it waters it down. It doesn't have the same effect.
Prabhupada: All GBC members should organize like that. Then everything will be all right. And sell books. Now you... What is the name? Mandalibhadra, he is slow. So you translate.
Hamsaduta: Okay. Because there are others, they are competent. I have others, they are competent.
Prabhupada: That's all right. Simply you check that they are not writing nonsense.
Hamsaduta: Oh yes. That I can do.
Prabhupada: That's all. And print it and distribute. And another thing. If you can print yourself, it is all right, But if you want printing cost from the general book fund, then whatever you sell you deposit there. You deposit and take, deposit and take, deposit and take. Then when, even if you have no money you'll get money. And then you deposit. But if you spend it, then you cannot expect from the general book fund.
Hamsaduta: No, no. I'm already doing that with them.
Prabhupada: Jaya.
Hamsaduta: Whatever they print for me, or whatever Bali prints for me, I pay him and I pay 100% mark-up so that there can be some money.
Prabhupada: So in this way organize and distribute literature, and chanting Hare Krsna sankirtana yajna. Then our mission will be successful. Accha, here, they are coming, so we shall make a committee, London building fund committee. In that committee, Mr. Arnold and his wife... [break] ...nicely and organize responsibly. So that can be done provided they have got their own men. Why he's not training the Africans? He should train.
Parivrajakacarya: He hasn't got very many Africans. I think only about two.
Prabhupada: Then suspend that installation.
Parivrajakacarya: They haven't been making any devotees there.
Prabhupada: Then there is no... [break] ...and if we conquer our eating then we can conquer our sleeping also. Nidrahara viharakadi vijitau **. [break] Don't make fuss. If you are serious, then it is all right. Otherwise, you are young men. If you again give up sannyasa or you try to marry, it will be scandalous for our society. Don't do that. If you are steady... But so far report is you are not very steady. Do you admit this or not?
Kulasekhara: Yes. Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: Then how you can take sannyasa? It is a very great responsibility. [break] There is no need of taking sannyasa. If you are sincere in preaching you can do in this dress. Where is the harm? Simply by changing, taking a rod, you'll not become God immediately. You have to work, steadily. What is there in sannyasa? Do you mean to say taking a rod one becomes sannyasa? Sannyasa means you must be sacrificing everything for Krsna. That is sannyasa. Anasritah karma-phalam karyam karma karoti yah, sa sannyasi [Bg. 6.1]. Sa sannyasi, he's sannyasi. Anasritah karma phalam karyam karma karoti. You went to Israel but again came back. Why? What was the difficulty?
Kulasekhara: Well, there's no activity there Prabhupada. I got attacked on the street. I got very sick and I was attacked on the street when I was on sankirtana.
Prabhupada: Do you like to go to Africa? It is warm country.
Kulasekhara: Yes Prabhupada. That would be nice.
Prabhupada: So you can go. You can go. And you know Deity... [break] ...and if it is sufficiently left, then she doesn't require further. Otherwise add something. But she'll take after the husband. My mother was doing. Yes. The remnants of foodstuff left by the husband will be taken by the wife. That means if the husband does not eat, she'll not eat. So those things are now dream only. (laughs) Impossible. Just like small child, If he follows the father, catching the hand of the father, she is always safe, he is always safe. Now your so-called independence has spoiled the social life. You know he was married. Where she is now?
Kulasekhara: Oh, she left. We haven't seen her since she left. I don't know where she is. Three years ago. When she left, Srila Prabhupada, she took some drugs and...
Prabhupada: Drug is killing the whole Western nation. You will be spoiled, you will be finished with this drug habit. You are already finished. America is finished. They cannot do anything anymore. Neither industrialists nor big scholars, neither big fighter. Anything. Simply spoiled. The only shelter is this Krsna consciousness. Papi tapi yata chilo hariname uddharilo. They can be only saved by this process. They have no other... otherwise they are going to hell. All Americans, the so-called puffed up materialist. This is a fact. So if you want to do service to your country, introduce this Krsna consciousness to the younger generation. They will be saved. You be saved and save your brothers. And otherwise this poison, this intoxication, heroin, cocaine, and LSD and this and marijuana, finished everything. But if you become steady in one life without deviating for maya, then you make solution of all problems. That is the duty of human being . Instead of suffering this repeated birth and death, one life sacrifice. What is that sacrifice? What is inconvenience to live nicely, avoiding these four rascal habit, taking Krsna prasadam, and chanting Hare Krsna mantra and reading all these nice books. Where is the difficulty? Nice life. First class life. Wherever you will go you will be respectable. Anyone will worship you.
Syamasundara: Materialistic life is so bothersome. All the time some trouble.
Prabhupada: Just like in hog civilization. That's all. They are thinking that "We are very happy eating stool." But others know that what kind of happiness he is enjoying. Similarly these rascal karmis, materialists, they are thinking by... What is called? Kini...What is called? Naked skirt?
Devotees: Miniskirt?
Prabhupada: Miniskirt, trying to show the private part and people will be attracted and she will be happy. This is regular prostitution. Regular prostitution. Still they are not getting husband. Even they walk naked... That will come. Say after fifty years it will come like that.
Syamasundara:They are starting already some places, walking naked.
Prabhupada: And the law is you cannot marry more than one wife. The rascal lawgiver. So many women, there must be... One husband, at the present moment, must marry at least one dozen wives, otherwise they're going to hell. At least, she will know that "I have got a husband." Maybe the husband of twelve wives, but they are anxious to have a husband. That facility should be given to them. They are anxious.
Parivrajakacarya: But they don't want to have any children.
Prabhupada: That is next program. Why not? Now we are having our wives, so many children. Los Angeles full of children. So natural way should be accepted. They require husband. The law is, "No. You cannot have more, you cannot marry one wife." The girls have become prostitute. That's all right. "The girls are becoming prostitute. That's all right. But you cannot marry more than one." What is this?
Syamasundara: They have contraceptive pills even for young children.
Kulasekhara: One barrister, one of the top judges in England, a top man, top doctor, he said children should have sex life at fourteen. He said this in the newspaper two days ago. He said children at fourteen should be allowed to have sex life. He said this should be made legal. He's a top doctor or judge.
Prabhupada: Children?
Syamasundara: Children should be allowed to have sex life at fourteen years old.
Prabhupada: Yes. That is psychological. They develop... Sex life, sex urge is there as soon as twelve years, thirteen years old, especially women. So therefore early marriage was sanctioned in India. Early marriage. Boy fifteen years, sixteen years, and girl twelve years. Not twelve years, ten years. I was married, my wife was eleven years. I was 22 years. She did not know what is sex, eleven years' girl. Because Indian girls, they have no such opportunity of mixing with others. But after the first menstruation, the husband is ready. This is the system, Indian system.
Syamasundara: So they are not spoiled.
Prabhupada: No. And the psychology is the girl, after first menstruation, she enjoys sex life with a boy, she will never forget that boy. Her love for that boy is fixed up for good. This is woman's psychology. And she is allowed to have many, oh, she will never be chaste woman. These are the psychology. So these rascals, Westerners, they do not know and they are becoming philosopher, scientist, and politician, and spoiling the whole world. They can be saved only by this Krsna consciousness movement. There is no other way. Otherwise they will lick up their skyscraper building and everything will go to hell. We have seen in New York, so many houses fall down. In New York. Yes. So many. Simply garbage. I have studied. Simply full of garbage. Nobody is going to take care. And the boys and girls loitering in the street as hippies. This is a very, very, bad sign. You see? No home, home neglected, no regular life. The whole nation will be spoiled. It is already spoiled. The poison is already there. Fire. Now it is increasing. Just like you set fire, it increases. So that fire is already there.
Syamasundara: And the Russians and the Chinese, they are training to take over. They are marching, practicing war.
Prabhupada: Hm?
Syamasundara: In Russia we noticed every day they're practicing for war, young people, marching.
Prabhupada: Mechanical.
Syamasundara: Yes. In China too, marching, ready to take over.
Kulasekhara: When we were in New York, one boy...
Prabhupada: No, there will be fight. That is the prediction of great politician. There will be war between these Communist and anti-Communist. There are two parties now. The anti-Communist will be defeated. The Communists will come out victorious.
Syamasundara: We don't want to fight. None of our boys want to fight.
Prabhupada: They also do not want fight but they are forced. They do not want to fight. Because they're... Kalau sudra-sambhavah. In the Kali-yuga everyone is sudra. What he'll fight? Fighting is not the business of a sudra. It is meant for the ksatriya. And nobody is being trained as ksatriya or brahmana. Everyone is being trained as sudra or utmost vaisya, how to make money. That's all. One class of men is being trained how to serve and get some money, another class is being trained how to make money by exploitation. That is capitalist and communist. The communists are the sudras. They are protesting that "You are exploiting us and getting money. It must stop." That is Communism. Is it not? And the vaisyas, they are trying to exploit others. Some way or other bring money. So there are these capitalists and sudra and vaisya. There is no ksatriya, there is no brahmana. Therefore the whole social structure is lost. So we are trying to create some brahmanas. And people if follow our instruction then whole social structure is again revived. Hare Krsna. So we have got very serious mission. Don't be fickle. When you have come and sacrificed your life for the mission, don't be fickle. Be very steady and capture Krsna's lotus feet tightly. You'll never be attacked by maya. Otherwise as soon as you give up Krsna, maya is ready. Just like side by side there is sun... shadow and light. If you push little from light then go to shadow. This is already side by side maya and Krsna. So as soon as you forget Krsna-maya. As soon as you give up maya, then Krsna. (pause) So Pradyumna is transcribing everyday?
Syamasundara: Yes. He doesn't work here. He works over at the library, British Museum.
Prabhupada: Where is that?
Syamasundara: Just down the street.
Prabhupada: He takes them.
Syamasundara: I don't know. I guess he does. He's gone all day. Every day he's gone. He says it's too disturbing to work here, too crowded.
Prabhupada: That may be.
Syamasundara: I think he's doing it by longhand, writing it out because he doesn't take a typewriter.
Prabhupada: So make arrangement, whatever thoughts are coming I am giving you. Arati is finished?
Syamasundara: In about two or three minutes. Five. You'll hear a conchshell.
Prabhupada: Everywhere this class must be there, morning evening class. Either it is festival or temple. If you go on simply festival, you don't require to start many centers.
Syamasundara: Yeah. Starting more centers is not necessary.
Prabhupada: No.
Syamasundara: We have the big cities covered. If people want to go and join us they can go to the big city and join.
Prabhupada: Because opening center means so much responsibility.
Syamasundara: So much. Land...
Prabhupada: So better open. Deity will be there. Just like Kirtanananda Maharaja is doing. Install the deity for one week. You know everything. You have done in Calcutta, Bombay and other. Same thing. You were in Allahabad also?
Devotee: Yes, I was there.
Prabhupada: Allahabad, Gorakhpur. So same thing. And for persons spiritually inclined, for them this traveling is very good. Traveling means with this occupation. It is very good. You'll be more popular and there will be no difficulty, mind will be steady.
Syamasundara: It takes away our attachment for everything materially.
Prabhupada: The Gosvamis, they did not stay underneath a tree for more than one night. So you decide; then you do the needful.
Hamsaduta: When should we arrange for Sivananda's fire ceremony?
Prabhupada: Yes.
Syamasundara: We should have initiation too, first initiation.
Hamsaduta: Do it all the same.
Syamasundara: Yes. So we'll consult Pradyumna and find a good time, calendar, on the...
Prabhupada: Any day. (end)

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