Boston, December 23, 1969
Prabhupada: ...ways that God is giving facility to become one of His associates. (indistinct). So, nobody is seeking after God. When you will seek after God, God is situated within your heart, He will give you all facility. And so long you want to become God, you will be cheated, because you are trying to cheat yourself. How you can become God? First thing is that, you are trying to become God, then how you became a dog? God cannot become a dog. God is always God. The Mayavadi philosopher says that "I am God, but I am, by maya, I am thinking I am not God. So by meditation I shall become God." But that means he is under the punishment of maya. So, God has become under the influence of maya. How is it that? God is great, and if he is under the influence of maya, then maya becomes great. How God becomes great?
So the real idea is, so long we shall continue this hallucination, that "I am God," "There is no God," "Everybody is God," so many things like that, there is no question of getting favor of God. Then you do your own business, and try to find yourself, whether you are God or something else. As soon as I think that "I am God," that is I am trying to cheat myself. Who will help me? So that is going on. Everyone is thinking, "I am God." So what you are thinking? You are trying to become God, or what is? What is your idea? Or you are thinking there is no God?
Man: I am thinking that there is one.
Prabhupada: There is God? You are thinking like that?
Man: Yes. I am also..., can see that I was trying to become God.
Prabhupada: So, you are trying to become God, that means you are not God. Is it not? How you became not God? (laughter) How you became not God? God is (indistinct) just like so many think that, there are, it, it becomes not. That God is great, then how He is great? Then you, your conclusion should be that "I am not that God who is great. I am a different God who becomes sometimes not God." (laughter) Therefore you are a different God from that God who is great. Is it not? So that is a fact. Because you are part and parcel of God, you are minute God, therefore you have the potency of becoming not God. Just like fire and spark of fire. The spark, when it is with the fire it is bright fire, but as soon as it goes out of the fire, it extinguishes. But the big fire never extinguishes. Similarly, you are not that big fire, you are that small spark fire. You have fallen down; therefore you are not God. Now you have to raise yourself again to the fire, you will be again blazing spark. So that is the difference. Thatis stated in the Vedic literature Brahman, every living entity is Brahman, but the Supreme Brahman is Krsna. He never becomes not God. We see Krsna's life, when He was a child on the lap of His mother, He is God. So many demons they are killed. He hasn't got to meditate to become God. When He was playing, He was God, and when He was fighting in the battlefield of Kuruksetra, He is God. That is God. Not that sometimes not God, sometimes God. That is not God. God is always God, in any circumstance. That is God. (pause) Hare Krsna. I am not God. I cannot give so many things. (laughter) So distribute prasadam. (everyone chants japa) (indistinct) Huh? Oh, yes, why not? Nobody, who will please go, please take prasadam.
Devotee: There is a big feast here. Please stay and take prasadam.
Prabhupada: Please wait two minutes, (indistinct). (end)

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