na paraye 'ham niravadya-samyujam
sva-sadhu-krtyam vibudhayusapi vah
ya mabhajan durjara-geha-srnkhalah
samvrscya tad vah pratiyatu sadhuna
na—not; paraye—am able; aham—I; niravadya—without duplicity; samyujam—meeting; sva-sadhu-krtyam—your own honest activities; vibudha-ayusa api—even with a duration of life like that of the demigods; vah—you; ya—who; ma—Me; abhajan—have worshiped; durjara—difficult to surmount; geha—of household life; srnkhalah—the chains; samvrscya—cutting off; tat—that; vah—your; pratiyatu—let there be a return; sadhuna—by pious activities.
"When the gopis were overwhelmed with dissatisfaction due to Lord Krsna's absence from the rasa-lila, Krsna returned to them and told them, 'My dear gopis, our meeting is certainly free from all material contamination. I must admit that in many lives it would be impossible for Me to repay My debt to you because you have cut off the bondage of family life just to search for Me. Consequently I am unable to repay you. Therefore please be satisfied with your honest activities in this regard.'

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