TEXT 175
guna-sreni-puspamala sarvange purita
kila-kincita-adiheaded by kila-kincita; bhavawith the ecstasies; vimsatitwenty; bhusitadecorated; guna-sreniof Her attractive qualities; puspa-malaas a garland of flowers; sarva-angeall over the body; puritafilled.
"These bodily ornaments constitute twenty kinds of ecstatic symptoms, beginning with kila-kincita. Her transcendental qualities are the flower garland hanging in fullness over Her body.
The twenty different moods headed by kila-kincita are described as follows. First, in connection with the body, there are bhava (ecstasy), hava (gestures) and hela (negligence); in relation to the self there are sobha (beauty), kanti (luster), dipti (brilliance), madhurya (sweetness), pragalbhata (impudence), audarya (magnanimity) and dhairya (patience); and in relation to nature, there are lila (pastimes), vilasa (enjoyment), vicchitti (breaking off) and vibhrama (puzzlement). There are no English equivalents for the words kila-kincita, mottayita and kuttamita.
A flower garland constitutes the qualities of Srimati Radharani and is divided into mental, verbal and bodily parts. Her attitude of forgiveness and mercy is all mental. Her talks, which are very pleasing to the ear, are verbal. The physical qualities-age, beauty, luster and grace-are bodily qualities.

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