TEXT 147
kasyanubhavo 'sya na deva vidmahe
yad-vanchaya srir lalanacarat tapo
vihaya kaman su-ciram dhrta-vrata
kasya—of what; anubhavah—a result; asya—of the serpent (Kaliya); na—not; deva—my Lord; vidmahe—we know; tava anghri—of Your lotus feet; renu—of the dust; sparasa—for touching; adhikarah—qualification; yat—which; vanchaya—by desiring; srih—the goddess of fortune; lalana—the topmost woman; acarat—performed; tapah—austerity; vihaya—giving up; kaman—all desires; su-ciram—for a long time; dhrta—a law upheld; vrata—as a vow
" 'O Lord, we do not know how the serpent Kaliya attained such an opportunity to be touched by the dust of Your lotus feet. For this end, the goddess of fortune performed austerities for centuries, giving up all other desires and observing austere vows. Indeed, we do not know how this serpent Kaliya got such an opportunity.'
This verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.16.36) was spoken by the wives of the Kaliya demon.

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