TEXT 146
dvijatmaja me yuvayor didrksuna
mayopanita bhuvi dharma-guptaye
kalavatirnav avaner bharasuran
hatveha bhuyas tvarayetam anti me
dvija-atma-jahthe sons of the brahmana; meby Me; yuvayohof both of you; didrksunadesiring the sight; mayaby Me; upanitahbrought; bhuviin the world; dharma-guptayefor the protection of religious principles; kalawith all potencies; avatirnauwho descended; avanehof the world; bhara-asuranthe heavy load of demons; hatvahaving killed; ihahere in the spiritual world; bhuyahagain; tvarayavery soon; itamplease come back; antinear; meMe.
"Addressing Krsna and Arjuna, Lord Maha-Visnu [the Mahapurusa] said, 'I wanted to see both of you, and therefore I have brought the sons of the brahmana here. Both of you have appeared in the material world to reestablish religious principles, and you have both appeared here with all your potencies. After killing all the demons, please quickly return to the spiritual world.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.89.58) concerning Krsna's endeavor to take Arjuna beyond the material universe when Arjuna was searching for the sons of a brahmana.
Lord Maha-Visnu, who is situated beyond this material world, was also attracted by the bodily features of Krsna. Maha-Visnu had actually stolen the sons of the brahmana in Dvaraka so that Krsna and Arjuna would come visit Him. This verse is quoted to show that Krsna is so attractive that He attracts Maha-Visnu.

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