TEXT 219
sthanabhilasi tapasi sthito 'ham
tvam praptavan deva-munindra-guhyam
kacam vicinvann api divya-ratnam
svamin krtartho 'smi varam na yace
sthana-abhilasidesiring a very high position in the material world; tapasiin severe austerities and penances; sthitahsituated; ahamI; tvamYou; praptavanhave obtained; deva-muni-indra-guhyamdifficult to achieve even for great demigods, saintly persons and kings; kacama piece of glass; vicinvansearching for; apialthough; divya-ratnama transcendental gem; svaminO my Lord; krta-arthah asmiI am fully satisfied; varamany benediction; na yaceI do not ask.
[When he was being benedicted by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Dhruva Maharaja said], " 'O my Lord, because I was seeking an opulent material position, I was performing severe types of penance and austerity. Now I have gotten You, who are very difficult for the great demigods, saintly persons and kings to attain. I was searching after a piece of glass, but instead I have found a most valuable jewel. Therefore I am so satisfied that I do not wish to ask any benediction from You.'
This verse is from the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (7.28).

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