TEXT 220
ei cari artha saha ha-ila 'teisa' artha
ara tina artha suna parama samartha
eithese; carifour; arthameanings; sahawith; ha-ilathere were; teisa arthatwenty-three different varieties of imports; ara tina arthaanother three imports; sunahear; parama samarthavery strong.
"In addition to the nineteen other meanings, this atmarama meaning [including those laboring under the bodily conception] makes four meanings altogether and brings the total to twenty-three meanings. Now hear of another three meanings, which are very suitable.
The three different meanings are (1) the word ca meaning "in due course' " (2) the words ca meaning eva, and api meaning "censure," and (3) nirgrantha, meaning "one who is very poor, without money."

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