TEXT 218
deharami, sarva-kama--saba atmarama
krsna-krpaya krsna bhaje chadi' saba kama
deharami—persons who are in the bodily concept of life; sarva-kama—full of all material desires; saba—all; atmarama—enjoying self-satisfaction; krsna-krpaya—by the mercy of Krsna; krsna bhaje—become engaged in the devotional service of Lord Krsna; chadi' saba kama—giving up all sorts of material desire.
"As long as one labors under the bodily conception, he must fulfill volumes and volumes of material desires. Thus a person is called atmarama. When such an atmarama is favored by the mercy of Krsna, he gives up his so-called self-satisfaction and engages in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.

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