TEXT 217
yat-pada-sevabhirucis tapasvinam
asesa-janmopacitam malam dhiyah
sadyah ksinoty anvaham edhati sati
yatha padangustha-vinihsrta sarit
yat-pada-seva-abhirucih—the taste for serving the lotus feet of Lord Krsna; tapasvinam—of persons undergoing severe penances; asesa—unlimited; janma-upacitam—contracted from life after life; malam—dirt; dhiyah—of the intelligence; sadyah—immediately; ksinoti—vanquishes; anvaham—every day; edhati—increasing; sati—being in the mode of goodness; yatha—as; pada-angustha-vinihsrta—emanating from the toe of the Lord; sarit—the River Ganges.
" 'The taste for loving service is like the water of the River Ganges, which flows from the feet of Lord Krsna. Every day that taste diminishes the results of sinful activities acquired over a period of many births by those who perform austerities.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (4.21.31).

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