TEXT 208
vana-latas tarava atmani visnum
vyanjayantya iva puspa-phaladhyah
pranata-bhara-vitapa madhu-dharah
prema-hrsta-tanavo vavrsuh sma
vana-latah—the herbs and plants; taravah—the trees; atmani—in the Supreme Soul; visnum—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; vyanjayantyah—manifesting; iva—like; puspa-phala-adhyah—filled with luxuriant fruits and flowers; pranata-bhara—bowed down because of loads; vitapah—the trees; madhu-dharah—showers; prema-hrsta—inspired by love of Godhead; tanavah—whose bodies; vavrsuh—constantly rained; sma—certainly.
" 'The plants, creepers and trees were full of fruits and flowers due to ecstatic love of Krsna. Indeed, being so full, they were bowing down. They were inspired by such deep love for Krsna that they were constantly pouring showers of honey. In this way the gopis saw all the forest of Vrndavana.'
This verse is from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.35.9).

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