TEXT 177
ete 'linas tava yaso 'khila-loka-tirtham
gayanta adi-purusanupatham bhajante
prayo ami muni-gana bhavadiya-mukhya
gudham vane 'pi na jahaty anaghatma-daivam
eteall these; alinahbees; tavaYour; yasahreputation; akhilaall; loka-tirthamauspicious for the planets; gayanteare singing; adi-purusaO original person; anupathamalong the path; bhajantethey are engaged in transcendental loving service; prayahalmost; amithese; muni-ganahgreat saintly persons; bhavadiyain relation with You; mukhyahvery advanced devotees; gudhamunknown; vanein the forest; apialthough; nanot; jahatigive up; anaghaO personality of transcendental goodness; atma-daivamtheir worshipable Deity.
" 'O good fortune personified! O original Personality of Godhead, all these bees are chanting about Your transcendental fame, which will purify the entire universe. Indeed, they are following Your path in the forest and are worshiping You. Actually they are all saintly persons, but now they have taken the form of bees. Although You are playing like a human being, they could not forget that You are their worshipable Deity.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.15.6). Krsna and Balarama were just on the verge of boyhood and were entering the forest of Vrndavana when Krsna began to offer prayers to please Balarama.

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