TEXT 176
prayo batamba munayo vihaga vane 'smin
krsneksitam tad-uditam kala-venu-gitam
aruhya ye druma-bhujan rucira-prabalan
srnvanti milita-drso vigatanya-vacah
prayahalmost; batacertainly; ambaO mother; munayahgreat sages; vihagahthe birds; vanein the forest; asminthis; krsna-iksitamseeing the lotus feet of Krsna; tat-uditamcreated by Him; kala-venu-gitamsweet vibrations made by playing the flute; aruhyarising; yeall of them; druma-bhujanto the branches of the trees; rucira-prabalanhaving beautiful creepers and twigs; srnvantihear; milita-drsahclosing their eyes; vigata-anya-vacahstopping all other sounds.
" 'My dear mother, in this forest, all the birds, after rising on the beautiful branches of the trees, are closing their eyes and, not being attracted by any other sound, are simply listening to the vibration of Krsna's flute. Such birds and bees must be on the same level as great saints.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.21.14). This statement was made by the gopis, who were lamenting in separation from Krsna and studying how the inhabitants of Vrndavana were enjoying life like saintly persons.

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