TEXT 124
sei sabera sadhu-sange guna sphuraya
krsna-bhajana karaya, 'mumuksa' chadaya
sei saberaof all those worshipers of different demigods; sadhu-sangethe contact of real devotees; guna sphurayaawakens the appreciation of transcendental qualities; krsna-bhajana karayaengages in the devotional service of Lord Krsna; mumuksa chadayaand causes to give up the desire to be liberated or merge into the impersonal feature of the Lord.
"If those who are attached to demigod worship fortunately associate with the devotees, their dormant devotional service and appreciation of the Lord's qualities gradually awaken. In this way they also engage in Krsna's devotional service and give up the desire for liberation and the desire to merge into the existence of impersonal Brahman.
The four Kumaras (Catuh-sana), Sukadeva Gosvami and the nine Yogendras were absorbed in Brahman realization, and how they became devotees is described herein. There are three kinds of impersonalists-the mumuksu (those desiring liberation), the jivan-muktas (those liberated in this life) and the prapta-svarupas (those merged in Brahman realization). All three types of jnanis are called moksakanksis, those desiring liberation. By associating with devotees, such people give up the mumuksu principle and render devotional service. The real cause for this change is the association of devotees. This Krsna consciousness movement is meant to attract all types of men, even those who desire things other than the Lord's devotional service. Through the association of devotees, they gradually begin to render devotional service.

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