TEXT 125
aho mahatman bahu-dosa-dusto
'py ekena bhaty esa bhavo gunena
sat-sangamakhyena sukhavahena
krtadya no yena krsa mumuksa
aho mahatmanO great devotee; bahu-dosa-dustahinfected with varieties of material disease or attachment; apialthough; ekenawith one; bhatishines; esahthis; bhavahbirth in this material world; gunenawith a good quality; sat-sangama-akhyenaknown as association with devotees; sukha-avahenawhich brings about happiness; krtamade; adyanow; nahour; yenaby which; krsainsignificant; mumuksathe desire for liberation.
" 'O great learned devotee, although there are many faults in this material world, there is one good opportunity-the association with devotees. Such association brings about great happiness. Due to this good quality, our strong desire to achieve liberation by merging into the Brahman effulgence has become weakened.'
This is a quotation from the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya.

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