TEXT 132
yanra punya-punja-phale, se-mukha-darsana mile,
dui ankhi ki karibe pane?
dviguna bade trsna-lobha, pite nare--manah-ksobha,
duhkhe kare vidhira nindane
yanra—whose; punya-punja-phale—by the result of many pious activities; se-mukha—of that face; darsana—seeing; mile—if one gets to do; dui ankhi—two eyes; ki—how; karibe—will do; pane—drinking; dvi-guna—twice; bade—increases; trsna-lobha—greed and thirst; pite—to drink; nare—not able; manah-ksobha—agitation of the mind; duhkhe—in great distress; kare—does; vidhira—of the creator; nindane—criticizing.
"If by devotional service one gets the results of pious activities and sees Lord Krsna's face, he can relish the Lord with his eyes. His greed and thirst then increase twofold by seeing the nectarean face of Krsna. Due to one's inability to sufficiently drink that nectar, one becomes very unhappy and criticizes the creator for not having given more than two eyes.

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