TEXT 133
na dileka laksa-koti, sabe dila ankhi duti,
tate dila nimisa-acchadana
vidhi--jada tapodhana, rasa-sunya tara mana,
nahi jane yogya srjana
na dilekadid not award; laksa-kotithousands and millions; sabeonly; dilagave; ankhi dutitwo eyes; tatein them; dilagave; nimisa-acchadanacovering of the eyelids; vidhicreator; jadadull; tapah-dhanaassets of austerities; rasa-sunyawithout juice; tarahis; manamind; nahi janedoes not know; yogyasuitable; srjanacreating.
"When the onlooker of Krsna's face becomes dissatisfied in this way, he thinks, 'Why didn't the creator give me thousands and millions of eyes? Why has he given me only two? Even these two eyes are disturbed by blinking, which keeps me from continuously seeing Krsna's face.' Thus one accuses the creator of being dry and tasteless due to engaging in severe austerities. 'The creator is only a dry manufacturer. He does not know how to create and set things in their proper places.

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