TEXT 106
brahmandopari paravyoma, tahan ye svarupa-gana,
tan-sabara bale hare mana
pati-vrata-siromani, yanre kahe veda-vani,
akarsaye sei laksmi-gana
brahmanda-upari—above all the universes; para-vyoma—the spiritual sky; tahan—there; ye—all those; svarupa-gana—transcendental personal expansions; tan-sabara—of all of Them; bale—by force; hare mana—it enchants the minds; pati-vrata—of those who are chaste and devoted to the husband; siromani—topmost; yanre—unto whom; kahe—describe; veda-vani—hymns of the Vedas; akarsaye—it attracts; sei—those; laksmi-gana—all the goddesses of fortune.
"The beauty of Krsna's body is so attractive that it attracts not only the demigods and other living entities within this material world but the personalities of the spiritual sky as well, including the Narayanas, who are expansions of Krsna's personality. The minds of the Narayanas are thus attracted by the beauty of Krsna's body. In addition, the goddesses of fortune [Laksmis]-who are wives of the Narayanas and are the women described in the Vedas as most chaste-are also attracted by the wonderful beauty of Krsna.

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