TEXT 105
bhusanera bhusana anga, tahen lalita tribhanga,
tahara upara bhrudhanu-nartana
terache netranta bana, tara drdha sandhana,
vindhe radha-gopi-gana-mana
bhusanera—of the ornament; bhusana—the ornament; anga—the limbs of the body; tahen—that feature; lalita—delicate; tri-bhanga—bent in three places; tahara upara—above that; bhru-dhanu-nartana—dancing of the eyebrows; terache—crooked; netra-anta—the end of the eye; bana—arrow; tara—of that arrow; drdha—strong; sandhana—fixing; vindhe—pierces; radha—of Srimati Radharani; gopi-gana—of the gopis also; mana—the minds.
"Ornaments caress that body, but the transcendental body of Krsna is so beautiful that it beautifies the ornaments He wears. Therefore Krsna's body is said to be the ornament of ornaments. Despite the wonderful beauty of Krsna, there is His three-curved style of standing, which beautifies that form. Above all these beautiful features, Krsna's eyes dance and move obliquely, acting like arrows to pierce the minds of Srimati Radharani and the gopis. When the arrow succeeds in hitting its target, their minds become agitated.

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