yada yato daivan madhu-ripur asau locana-patham
tadasmakam ceto madana-hatakenahrtam abhut
punar yasminn esa ksanam api drsor eti padavim
vidhasyamas tasminn akhila-ghatika ratna-khacitah
yada—when; yatah—entered upon; daivat—by chance; madhu-ripuh—the enemy of the demon Madhu; asau—He; locana-patham—the path of the eyes; tada—at that time; asmakam—our; cetah—consciousness; madana-hatakena—by wretched Cupid; ahrtam—stolen; abhut—has become; punah—again; yasmin—when; esahKrsna; ksanam api—even for a moment; drsoh—of the two eyes; eti—goes to; padavim—the path; vidhasyamah—we shall make; tasmin—at that time; akhila—all; ghatikah—indications of time; ratna-khacitah—bedecked with jewels
" 'If by chance the transcendental form of Krsna comes before My path of vision, My heart, injured from being beaten, will be stolen away by Cupid, happiness personified. Because I could not see the beautiful form of Krsna to My heart's content, when I again see His form I shall decorate the phases of time with many jewels.' "
This verse is spoken by Srimati Radharani in the Jagannatha-vallabha-nataka (3.11), by Ramananda Raya.

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