upajila premankura, bhangila ye duhkha-pura,
krsna taha nahi kare pana
bahire nagara-raja, bhitare sathera kaja,
para-nari vadhe savadhana
upajilagrew up; prema-ankurafructification of love of God; bhangilawas broken; yethat; duhkha-purafull of miseries; krsnaLord Krsna; tahathat; nahinot; karedoes; panadrinking; bahireexternally; nagara-rajathe most attractive person; bhitarewithin; satheraof a cheater; kajaactivities; para-nariothers' wives; vadhekills; savadhanavery careful.
[Srimati Radharani spoke thus, in distress due to separation from Krsna:] "Oh, what shall I say of My distress? After I met Krsna My loving propensities sprouted, but upon separating from Him I sustained a great shock, which is now continuing like the sufferings of a disease. The only physician for this disease is Krsna Himself, but He is not taking care of this sprouting plant of devotional service. What can I say about the behavior of Krsna? Outwardly He is a very attractive young lover, but at heart He is a great cheat, very expert in killing others' wives."

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