prema-ccheda-rujo 'vagacchati harir nayam na ca prema va
sthanasthanam avaiti napi madano janati no durbalah
anyo veda na canya-duhkham akhilam no jivanam vasravam
dvi-trany eva dinani yauvanam idam ha-ha vidhe ka gatih
prema-cheda-rujahthe sufferings of a broken loving relationship; avagacchatiknows; harihthe Supreme Lord; nanot; ayamthis; na canor; premalove; vanor; sthanathe proper place; asthanaman unsuitable place; avaitiknows; nanot; apialso; madanahCupid; janatiknows; nahus; durbalahvery weak; anyahanother; vedaknows; nanot; caalso; anya-duhkhamthe difficulties of others; akhilamall; nahour; jivanamlife; vaor; asravamsimply full of miseries; dvitwo; tranithree; evacertainly; dinanidays; yauvanamyouth; idamthis; ha-haalas; vidheO creator; kawhat; gatihour destination.
"[Srimati Radharani used to lament:] 'Our Krsna does not realize what we have suffered from injuries inflicted in the course of loving affairs. We are actually misused by love because love does not know where to strike and where not to strike. Even Cupid does not know of our very weakened condition. What should I tell anyone? No one can understand another's difficulties. Our life is actually not under our control, for youth will remain for two or three days and soon be finished. In this condition, O creator, what will be our destination?'
This verse is from the Jagannatha-vallabha-nataka (3.9), by Ramananda Raya.

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