TEXT 203
'kevala'ra suddha-prema 'aisvarya' na jane
aisvarya dekhileo nija-sambandha se mane
kevalaraof unmixed attraction for Krsna; suddha-premaunalloyed love; aisvaryaopulence; na janedoes not know; aisvaryaopulence; dekhileoin spite of experiencing; nija-sambandhaone's own relationship with Krsna; se manehe takes very seriously.
"In the stage of kevala [unalloyed devotion] a devotee does not consider the unlimited opulence of Krsna, even though he experiences it. He takes seriously only his own relationship with Krsna.
When a devotee reaches the stage of pure unalloyed devotion, especially in friendship with Krsna, he forgets the Lord's opulences, although he sees them, and he considers himself equal to Krsna. There is no question of actually comparing oneself to Krsna, but because the devotee is so advanced in Krsna consciousness, he is able to behave with Krsna as he would with an ordinary man.

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