TEXT 228
cintamanis carana-bhusanam angananam
srngara-puspa-taravas taravah suranam
vrndavane vraja-dhanam nanu kama-dhenu-
vrndani ceti sukha-sindhur aho vibhutih
cintamanih—transcendental touchstone; carana—of the lotus feet; bhusanam—the ornament; angananam—of all the women of Vrndavana; srngara—for dressing; puspa-taravah—the flower trees; taravah—the trees; suranam—of the demigods (desire trees); vrndavane—at Vrndavana; vraja-dhanam—the special wealth of the inhabitants of Vraja; nanu—certainly; kama-dhenu—of kama-dhenu cows that can deliver unlimited milk; vrndanigroups; ca—and; iti—thus; sukha-sindhuh—the ocean of happiness; aho—oh, how much; vibhutih—opulence.
" 'The anklets on the damsels of Vraja-bhumi are made of cintamani stone. The trees are wish-fulfilling trees, and they produce flowers with which the gopis decorate themselves. There are also wish-fulfilling cows [kama dhenus], which deliver unlimited quantities of milk. These cows constitute the wealth of Vrndavana. Thus Vrndavana's opulence is blissfully exhibited.' "
This is a verse written by Bilvamangala Thakura.

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