TEXT 163
aher iva gatih premnah
svabhava-kutila bhavet
ato hetor ahetos ca
yunor mana udancati
aheh—of the snake; iva—like; gatih—the movement; premnah—of the loving affairs; sva-bhava—by nature; kutila—crooked; bhavet—is; atah—therefore; hetoh—from some cause; ahetoh—from the absence of a cause; ca—and; yunoh—of the young couple; manah—anger; udancati—appears.
" 'The progress of loving affairs between young couples is by nature crooked, like the movement of a snake. Because of this, two types of anger arise between young couples-anger with a cause and anger without a cause.' "
This is a quotation from Srila Rupa Gosvami's Ujjvala-nilamani (Srngara-bheda-prakarana 102).

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