narendre asiya sabe haila vidyamana
tan-sabare cahi vasa prasada-samadhana
narendre—on the bank of Lake Narendra; asiya—coming; sabe—all of them; haila vidyamana—staying; tan-sabare—for all of them; cahi—I want; vasa—residential quarters; prasada—for distributing prasada; samadhana—arrangement.
"All of them have already arrived on the bank of Lake Narendra and are waiting there. I desire residential quarters and prasada arrangements for them."
Narendra is a small lake still existing in Jagannatha Puri, where the Candana-yatra festival takes place. Up to the present date, all the Bengali devotees who visit the Jagannatha temple first take their bath in this lake. There they wash their hands and feet before entering the temple.

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