TEXT 176
krsna-nama sphure mukhe, mane netre krsna
tomake tad-rupa dekhi' hrdaya-satrsna
krsna-nama—the holy name of Lord Krsna; sphure—is manifest; mukhe—in the mouth; mane—in the mind; netre—before the eyes; krsna—the presence of Lord Krsna; tomake—You; tat-rupa—His form; dekhi'—I see; hrdaya—my heart; sa-trsna—very eager.
Brahmananda Bharati continued, "Since I have seen You, I have been feeling Lord Krsna's presence in my mind and have been seeing Him before my eyes. I now want to chant the holy name of Lord Krsna. Over and above this, within my heart I consider You to be Krsna, and I am therefore very eager to serve You.

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