ativilanghya te 'nty acyutagatah
gati-vidas tavodgita-mohitah
kitava yositah kas tyajen nisi
pati—husbands; suta—sons; anvaya—family; bhratr—brothers; bandhavan—friends; ativilanghya—without caring for; te—Your; anti—dear shelter; acyuta—O infallible one; agatah—have come; gati-vidah—who know everything of our activities; tava—of You; udgita—by the singing flute; mohitah—being attracted; kitava—O great cheater; yositah—beautiful women; kah—who; tyajet—would give up; nisi—in the dead of night.
"O dear Krsna, we gopis have neglected the order of our husbands, sons, family, brothers and friends and have left their company to come to You. You know everything about our desires. We have come only because we are attracted by the supreme music of Your flute. But You are a great cheater, for who else would give up the company of young girls like us in the dead of night?'
This verse is from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.31.16).

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