kahitei ha-ila smrti, citte haila krsna-sphurti,
sakhire kahe hana vismite
"yare cahi chadite, sei suna ache citte,
kona rite na pari chadite"
kahitei—while speaking; ha-ila—there was; smrti—remembrance; citte—in the heart; haila—there was; krsna-sphurti—the appearance of Krsna; sakhire—to the friends; kahe—said; hana vismite—being very astonished; yare—He whom; cahi chadite—I want to give up; sei—that person; suna ache—is lying; citte—in the heart; kona rite—by any process; na pari—I am not able; chadite—to give up.
"While speaking in this way, Srimati Radharani suddenly remembered Krsna. Indeed, He appeared within Her heart. Greatly astonished, She told Her friends, 'The person I want to forget is lying in My heart.'

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