"dekhi ei upaye, krsna-asa chadi' diye,
asa chadile sukhi haya mana
chada' krsna-katha adhanya, kaha anya-katha dhanya,
yate haya krsna-vismarana"
dekhiI see; ei upayethis means; krsna-asahope for Krsna; chadi' diyeI give up; asahope; chadileif I give up; sukhihappy; hayabecomes; manathe mind; chada'-give up; krsna-kathatalks of Krsna; adhanyamost inglorious; kahaspeak; anya-kathaother topics; dhanyaglorious; yateby which; hayathere is; krsna-vismaranaforgetfulness of Krsna.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, " 'If I give up hope of meeting Krsna, I shall then be happy. Therefore, let us stop this most inglorious discussion of Krsna. It would be better for us to talk of glorious topics and forget Him.'

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