TEXT 131
se phelara eka lava, na paya devata saba,
e dambhe keba patiyaya?
bahu-janma punya kare, tabe 'sukrti' nama dhare,
se 'sukrte' tara lava paya
se phelara—of those remnants; eka—one; lava—small particle; na paya—do not get; devata—the demigods; saba—all; e dambhe—this pride; keba—who; patiyaya—can believe; bahu-janma—for many births; punya kare—acts piously; tabe—then; sukrti—one who performs pious activities; nama—the name; dhare—bears; se—those; sukrte—by pious activities; tara—of that; lava—a fraction; paya—one can get.
"Even after much prayer, the demigods themselves cannot obtain even a small portion of the remnants of such food. Just imagine the pride of those remnants! Only a person who has acted piously for many, many births and has thus become a devotee can obtain the remnants of such food.

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