lilamrta-varisane, since caudda bhuvane'
hena megha yabe dekha dila
durdaiva-jhanjha-pavane, meghe nila anya-sthane,
mare cataka, pite na paila
lila—of the pastimes of Krsna; amrta—of nectar; varisane—the shower; since—drenches; caudda bhuvane—the fourteen worlds; hena megha—such a cloud; yabe—when; dekha dila—was visible; durdaiva—misfortune; jhanjha-pavane—a high wind; meghe—the cloud; nila—brought; anya-sthane—to another place; mare—dies; cataka—the cataka bird; pite na paila—could not drink.
"The cloud of Krsna's pastimes is drenching the fourteen worlds with a shower of nectar. Unfortunately, when that cloud appeared, a whirlwind arose and blew it away from Me. Being unable to see the cloud, the cataka bird of My eyes is almost dead from thirst."

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